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thought I could share my Instagram, if anyone wants to see some chubby chinchillas! and maybe some art or other stuff as well. Just made my account so there will be more photos eventually.…
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Heeei, on ollut jo pitemmän aikaa ollut mielessä kysäistä onko täällä seinäjokisia? Mietin tässä että voisi olla ihan jees mennä pienellä porukalla hengaileen jonnekkin tai vaikka kirjastoon taaai ravata pokestoppien perässä : D Sikäli mikäli kiinnostusta löytyisi niin ilmoittele! c:
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hey! i feel like i'd want to do something else than personal art for a change. i have like 524563 pieces of work unfinished, most of them is just personal art so there is no rush to get them ready lol but yeah. would like to try out something else than my own crap. finishing up one trade at the moment but otherwise i have nothing else.

soooo how about a trade? just link your character that has a good ref and i'll decide later on which one to choose. maybe just one, maybe more. depends on inspiration mostly.

anyways huuge bonus if your character is not a canine or a feline :'D would be interesting to draw something else! my character might not be canine/feline either, will decide that later too. 

probably going to decide which one to draw in a couple of days, so yeah. 8) bring them on!

e: thanks everyone for showing your characters c: i looked up some so yeah. closing for now.
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Ruekine tagged me :D haven't done anything about my characters i think so here we gooo

☆ Rules:

1. Post 8 facts about your character
2. Tag 8 other characters
3. Post their names along with their owner's avatar.

☆ Character: Tahra…

1. I created him many years ago, while I was in Spain. He was just a small doodle on the left corner of the paper. 

2. He doesn't serve any special purpose, he's just being an ass most of the time. 

3. He has two partners in crime, a leopard female and a dog male. With the leopard they usually make weird, experimental spells and other rather interesting stuff. They've actually created some zombie or ghost like thingies. This leopard is also like a mother figure to him. With the dog they make "normal" crimes and such.

4. His rival is an unnamed pharaoh hound character by Hakaishi who represent the good guy while Tahra is the bad guy.

5. He's pretty much immortal, being a dog/demon like creature. He can blend in shadows and travel through space or time. He can go back and forth but is not able to change history or future. 

6. Tahra doesn't have parents. He just started to exist XD or maybe his leopard friend created him, I don't really know, hehe.

7. Tahra is one of my favorite characters because of simple design and he kinda blends in any situation.

8. His eyes don't have pupils and they are pure white, just like his claws and chest markings. They also can glow a little. Even though his eyes don't have pupils he can still see at least somehow. 

I don't really know who to tag ;; but at least farkkujeesus by Hakaishi heheh. Any other feel free to do this too if you like!!

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hello guys! I have been pretty quiet here for a while. Had some personal stuff going on, biggest thing was moving out to a new apartment. Also one of my dreams is coming true hopefully! I'm adopting two chinchilla kits in two months! Let's just hope everything goes well. c: I can't wait hnnghhh. They're so tiny yet but growing fast :la: 

In the meanwhile, I really should get back to drawing. Perhaps I can get people to get interested in my artwork, some extra money really would be nice, haha!
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It's been years since last time I roleplayed with my characters... I've been thinking that why not to try again? I only have experience of forum based rpgs and even though they seem fine, I quickly lose interest in logging in and doing stuff there. Maybe I could try roleplaying via notes or using some other site like 

My character is a four-year old wolfdog female who doesn't have a proper ref yet, though I've been drawing her (…). She's generally friendly and helpful, but can change quickly due to her ability to detect lies from living beings. She values honesty. Sooo if you have a canid (or a big cat) character that could settle in a natural-ish environment, feel free to suggest some rp ideas 8D I have one or two ideas in my pockets too, but I'd love to hear your ideas as well. 

I'd probably pick just one to rp with, just in case it isn't too much for me. Oh yeah, one more condition! I'd like you to be able to write proper English without any slang words and such since English is just my second language so I could understand it better then. ^^' My English isn't perfect though so I hope it isn't too disturbing. I have never rp'd in English... but I'm willing to try! Also, my verbal talent is zero so don't expect long novels with fine words from me lmao.
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Will be going to Spain starting from 24th September to 11th October. I won't have access to internet so any messages coming that time will remain unchecked until I get back. We're heading to our regular spot, San Pedro del Pinatar (:
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(edit) holy shit i honestly didnt think this would get so many replies! thank you guys c: there were many interesting characters and picked some of them, and for now this is closed. i may pick some more if i get really inspired!

hello peeps

Just thought I could do some quick-ish art trade so I wish the character to be simple enough haha. Soo I'd probably do realistic style without background like this  Just An Ordinary Day by t1sk1jukka

If you'd be interested, comment below and link your character! I won't do humans though.
I probably choose the one whose style I like or their character is appealing to my eyes 8) 

Prepare for that my character might not be a canine so it'd be nice to be able to draw other animals too
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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    8 years.

  2. What does your username mean?
    Basically a DJ in Finnish. Chose it by random, I have no musical skills lmao.

  3. Describe yourself in three words.
    Pessimistic, lazy, stubborn

  4. Are you left or right handed?
    Right handed.

  5. What was your first deviation?
    Probably something really embarrassing. Fortunately I've deleted it whew.

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    Digital art; animals

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    Surrealism,  ink artwork

  8. What was your first favourite?
    Idk, I delete deviations from time to time

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    Digital art and photography; animals and fantasy mostly

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    A tricky question. Probably Lhuin since I've stalked her artwork since 2006 I guess haha. nikkiburr and witherlings also all-time favs

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    I've met plenty of Finnish dA people already, but I'd like to meet CanisAlbus, Tokage-Kami, Waittiz,  and kippurable. As for non-Finns, hellcorpceo, Shinerai, Skysealer, :devkettlequill seem nice <: Also would love to meet a bunch of TFM players, but most of them probably don't have dA account. (Sorry for mention peeps)

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    I've learned a lot of about different kind of techniques. I should thank Hakaishi for giving me a nice start for mastering digital art back in 2010 I think lmao. I really sucked before that haha. Also they're one of my closest friends <:

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    Digital tools, tablet, Photoshop, SAI

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    Everything goes basically. Most of my ideas come when I'm in bed or walking outside.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    Eehh I don't really know :'D Getting to know people?


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Yoo, anyone up for playing Destiny? Would be great to set up a team for raids, and arena stuff, as I can't take them by myself; I wish to level up my legendary gear c: im playing on GMT +3 so that can be a restriction though.
Alright, opening commissions.

What I'm willing to do is cell shaded or realistic full body or headshot portraits, with simple background or without.
Just An Ordinary Day by t1sk1jukka Leopardien vesipumppu hajoaa by t1sk1jukka Din enda van by t1sk1jukka
Tahra anthro form by t1sk1jukka  Kakkamir by t1sk1jukka  I'll Give You Flowers by t1sk1jukka
Look up for my gallery for more!

Payment is via Paypal only. I take euros. Full body is 30 € and a headshot 20 €.

Only one character per portrait! I can do felines, canines, equine, cervine, rodents, birds... Just not humans or dragons (they're too difficult for me at the moment, I want to improve them first) Both feral and anthro is fine, accessories as well. No NSFW. After finishing I'll send you a full size file without watermark.

Drop me a note with some info about your character (preferably a ref) and what kind of drawing you'd like. (Pose, theme, etc) 
If I owe you something, don't hesitate to send a note! 

Commission T.O.S : Commission terms of service
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yeah so i havent been active on here much lately, i don't have interest to check this site daily or anything
plus im getting really busy with school work now, i have one course in which i have to do at least two big projects and then there's my thesis so these keep me occupied

furthermore I don't kinda have interest to draw digitally (and therefore uploading) anything. Not an artblock, just not interested. I do have been drawing traditionally a lot.

aanyways hope you have had nice spring and all! :^)
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By CanisAlbus! Long time since I last time did a meme so here we go.

1. What does your Deviantart name mean and why?
Ehh I was playing some pirate online game in 2005 and I named my account as t1sk1jukka and decided to use it later on. Tiskijukka means DJ in English. I'm not a DJ irl or nor I can play any instrument etc so kinda weird name but yeah.

2. What fandom were you obsessed with when you joined and what are you into now?
I liked and still like FMA, Disney/Dreamworks/etc stuff, Watership Down, LotR, GNG, Pokémon,  Ghibli movies. New things include Game of Thrones, NBC Hannibal, Avatar/Korra, Dr. Who, etc too many to count. :')

3. How many watchers do you have now?

4. Name 3 of your favorite artists on DA.
KettleQuill, ailah, and nikkiburr

5. Or lack thereof, move along…

6. Do you participate in clubs' contests here on dA?

7. What is your most popular submission?

Journey by t1sk1jukka

8. What are your favorite non-anime TV shows?
Game of Thrones, Hercule Poirot, House M.D., American Horror Story, Boardwalk Empire, Dr. Who, Masterchef Australia :'D I haven't watched much tv shows sobs

9. What are the things you wish you could draw better?
Perspective stuff, buildings, clothes, humans, backgrounds in general.

10. Summer or winter?

11. Rain or Sun?

12. What's your favourite type of music?
Everything goes basically expect jazz, soul/rap. Extremely into instrumental and soundtracks! But I do enjoy, pop, rock, electronic, metal, classical etc...

13. PC or Mac

14. Anime or Manga?
Anime, I can't concentrate much on reading comics.

15. Coke or Pepsi?
Doesn't matter which one!

16. Read or TV?

17. How many hours a day do you spend on dA?
I don't know, probably a lot.

18. Name a talent.
Ermm. Mahatma Gandhi? :D

19. Flash or traditional cartoons?

20. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
Burger King, Hesburger, Subway.

21. What are your top 3 favorite books?(not mangas)
The Egyptian by Mika Waltari
Animal Farm by George Orwell
Errr.. Maybe Frankenstein by Mary Shelley?

22. Wii or PlayStation?

23. Name 3 of your favorite bands/singers.
David Arkenstone, Susumu Hirasawa, Pink Floyd.

24. Are you a fast, slow, or medium typer?
Probably medium or slow.

25. Do you like Denny's?
Denny's is what?

26. What is your favorite smiley?

27. What is your favorite type of pie?
Apple pie or blueberry pie.

28. Have you ever stayed up for 24 hours?
Too many times......

29. Do you go on dA a lot?
Yeah quite a lot.

30. Are you a member on any other sites besides DA?
Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter,,, Furry Paws, Lioden, Flightrising and some others

31. Do you cosplay?

32. Fruits or sweets?

33. Buttered, plain, or salted popcorn?
Buttered and salted maybe.

34. Have you skipped school?
Way too many times. I'm a bad student.

35. Have you been on a plane?
Yeah idk how many times, a lot though.

36. Have you swam in an ocean?

37. Have you been ice skating?
Only when I had it in school several years ago.

38. Favorite vacation spot?
San Pedro del Pinatar in Spain!

39. Ever been on TV?

40. Favorite salad and dressing?
Ehh I don't know I'm not really into salads

41. What do you do to relax?
Listening to music, drawing, playing games

42. What is the last film you saw in the theater?
How to train your dragon 2.

43. Favorite sandwich?
Salad, tomatoes, cucumber slices, paprika slices and ham on a homemade bread.

44. If you could go anywhere in the world…
Germany, Italy, USA, Israel, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand

45. Favorite time of the day?
Late night.

46. What did you want to be when you were little?
I wanted to be a paleontologist.

47. What do you want to be now?
I would love to be evolution biologist or something like that

48. If you could eat with one person, who would it be?
Any of my idols I guess. I don't really know which one to be exact :'D

49. What character would you hate to be stuck in a room with?
I have no idea. Some stupid brainless idiot?

50. When is your birthday?
Last day of November

51. Favourite type of ice cream?
PEAR or strawberry

52. Last book you read?
Stress, Anxienty and Aggression in Dogs by Anders Hallgren

53. Which store would you max out a credit card at?
Book or game store!

54. Do you buy / sell / both on eBay.
Neither so far.

55. What is the most annoying thing people ask you?
This is a serious business inquiry, can you draw me stuff for free?

56. Favourite all time movie?
Watership Down

57. What was your favourite show when you were a kid?
Pokemon, Digimon, Biker Mice From Mars, Spider Man (1994 TV series), Silver Brumby, Peter Rabbit, Bamboo Bears

58. What are you listening to right now?
Anthem by Emancipator

59. What is the last thing you ate?
Some homemade cake and glögg.

60. If you were a crayon what color would you be?
Lime or turquoise.

61. What is the first thing you notice about another person?
Their overall look and what kind of clothes they wear

62. Favorite sport to play?
Horseback riding?

63. Favorite Day of the Year?
Any day I can achieve a good mood haha

64. Hugs or Kisses? 

65. Vanilla or Chocolate?

66. Favorite Board Game?
Alias, Trivial Pursuit.

67. Favorite smells?
Old and new books, cinnamon buns, nature after rain

68. What inspires you?
History, mythology, religions, art, horror...

69. Do you have any piercings?

70. How many siblings do you have? 
One older brother.

71. Bacon Bits or Croutons?
Bacon Bits.

72. Favorite Day of the Week?

73. Favorite phrase?
"Sinä olet anime"?

74. Favorite Restaurant?
Chinese or other Asian restaurants

75. Favorite animal?
BIRDS, doges, CHINCHILLAS, horses, deers, genets, dinosaurs?

76. Favorite thing to do outside?
Walking in a forest.

77. Favorite thing to do when it's raining?
Just sitting inside doing a bit of this and that.

78. Favorite Disney character?
Scar, Shere Khan, Scrooge McDuck, The Horned King, Chernabog, Kenai, Pocahontas..

79. Do you like coffee? If so, what is your favorite brand?

80. Tag 6 people.
I tag no one, everyone is free to do this if they want 8)
My kiriban @ 30,000 pageviews is close! Currently having 28k pageviews. If you catch 30k, take a full screenshot and show it to me (no editing!). I can draw something for you then c:
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Asia onkin ollut jo aika kauan mielessä, mutta nyt kun aihe on taas ajankohtainen niin päätin kirjoittaa tästä nyt. Nämä siis vain mun mielipide asiasta, ei Bernerin tahi kenenkään muun. Ei sillä että tätä välttämättä kukaan lukis mutta pääsenpähän purkamaan itseäni.

Muutama erityinen kohta tullut edellisistä sala-arvonnoista mieleen. Ekana se, että aiheen X tulisi näkyä teoksessa. Mitä intoa näissä aiheellisissa salajutuissa edes olisi jos kaikki tekevät vain jotain omaansa? Esim. juhannus ja pääsiäinen; aidasta voi mennä siitä mistä se on matalin eli tehdä joku niitty jossa pari kukkaa ja hahmo siellä jonnekkin sijoitettuna. Tällaisesta ei kyllä pysty erottamaan, onko aiheena pääsiäinen vai juhannus. 

Toisena mieleenpainuneena asiana on teoksen laatu. Ei tarkoita sitä, että pitäis olla jonkun Leonardon tasoinen piirtämissä, vaan se laatu näkyy kyllä teknisessäkin puolessa. Eli olisi kiva jos siihen taustaan/muuhun panostettaisiin. Ei vain "laitanpa nyt vähä jotain väriä tähän kun en keksi muuta". Piirroksista kyllä aika hyvin huomaa sen onko niihin käytetty aikaa, vaikka ei osaisikaan anatomiaa ja värien käyttöä täydellisesti jne. Tärkeä laatuseikka on myös se, että jos tekee käsin, työn tulisi olla skannattu. Joku sumea ja tumma kännykkäräpsäisy antaa vain vaikutelman, että nopeesti vaan jotain että saa tänkin alta pois. Vähän niinkuin se että sun ei tartte tehä oikeastaan mitään, mutta saat vastalahjaksi jotain tosi kivaa arttia sun hahmosta. 

Kolmantena edelleen se "HUH EHDIN" -menettely viimeisimmillä tunneilla. Aikaa on aina annettu rutkasti - miksi jättää viimetippaan? Tai se, että osallistuu, mutta tietää ettei saa valmiiksi. Tai ei edes haluakaan tehdä omaa osuuttaan.

Että tällainen rant taas. :')
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so yeah. Feel free to ask anything.
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Vaikka oonkin vielä töissä niin pakko kirjottaa tästä koska pisti hieman keittämään tämä aihe! :'D Tää on ollut itse asiassa montakin kertaa mielessä, mut nyt taas tuli ajankohtaiseksi Bernerin järjestämässä Salapupussa. 


Jos olet alle 13-vuotias, älä osallistu. Vaikka ikääsi ei lukisikaan missään, osoittaa se kypsymättömyyttä osallistua siltikin. Jos et kerro ikääsi missään, sekin osaltaan merkkaa vähän sitä, että et ole valmis kantamaan vastuuta itsestäsi. Jos joku bustaa sinut ja tunnuksesi poistetaan, ÄLÄ syytä siitä hakkereita, tai muita. Sivuston ikäraja on 13 vuotta! 

Minusta on perin oudoksuttavaa tulla devaan alle 13-vuotiaana ja sitten profiilissa ei kerrota oikeata ikää että vältyttäisiin sanktioilta. + Miksi tulla takaisin tunnuksen poiston jälkeen jos on vieläkin alle 13-v? Mikä estää odottaa sitä vuotta kahta? Vuodessa kahdessa jne voit kehittyä piirtäjänä/valokuvaajana mitä nyt ikinä teetkään valtavasti ja kaiken lisäksi henkinen kypsyys tulee iän myötä.

Tässä taisikin olla kaikki. Aamen. Takaisin sorvin ääreen \o
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Editing this post to say that commissions are temporarily closed. I'm finishing the current ones and then opening commissions again and updating my sheet a bit. ^^'
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Would anyone be interested in pixel icons?

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 7, 2013, 4:13 PM

I've been thinking, I could do pixel icon commissions for a small prices. 
You can check examples on my profile. Flat or floating icons would be like 2€ and more animated 4-6€, depending how much animated. Payment would be via Paypal or tilisiirto. :')
So... If anyone is interested, just send a note!

20 Features

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 27, 2013, 1:15 PM


1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.�

3. If you've already been featured previously in '20 features' in my journal, I won't feature you again. Let's give the others a chance too, shall we? That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the amazing art shown here :3

1. :iconjamzenn:

2. :iconisalmiak:
Stinky old bar by ISalmiak  I'll buy the little twerp a gum ball! by ISalmiak  Before I step on the boat by ISalmiak

3. :iconcavachon:
Stand by by Cavachon  Wink by Cavachon  Lethargy by Cavachon

4. :iconbihve:
zodiac: taurus by Bihve  zodiac: leo by Bihve  zodiac: virgo by Bihve